Ma Maison 7  Luxury Vinyl Planks


Features & Benefits

Ma Maison 7, Luxury Vinyl Planks are manufactured with Durable Rigid Core technology that hides imperfections. The manufactured planks are dent, fade and stain resistant and proven to be pet and childproof. These planks are 100% waterproof. The acoustic pads under the planks (included) will keep noise from traveling away from your surroundings.  The Luxury Vinyl planks are ideal for kitchens, basements and laundry rooms and easy to install. No sawing, glue or underlayment is required. Just click and instal. 

Product information:  Product: LVT/SPC Vinyl PlankThickness: 4mm +  2mm Pad = 6mm Top Layer : 20 Mil Width: 7.25”Length: 4 feetWeight: 48.50 PoundSF./Box: 33.4 













This product is manufactured under the supervision of Floor Score.