Ma Maison 6, Herringbone

Ma Maison 6 Herringbone, FinishedEngineered European Oak Herringbone. Thickness: 9/16” Top Layer 3.5 mm Width: 4 3/4“Length: 23 5/8“ Long Finish: Wire brushed and finished with European Invisible Finish.Grade: ABC light characterSF. Per Box:
MA MAISON 6 Herringbone, UnfinishedThickness: 5/8" with 4mm Top Layer or 3.4" with 6 mm Top Layer.Width: 5"Length/Thickness: 24"Grade: SelectFinish: Micro Beveled, Slightly Wire brushed and ready to be stained.

#60 A Natural

#64A Taupe

#61.A White Wash

#65A Chestnut

#62 A Custard

#63A Cream

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Ma Maison Adhesive activates your floor's Warranty.

Low Isocyanate, Low VOC, up to 12 LB moisture barrier, very strong and externally easy to spread .

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